TreeHugger TV: Organic and Biodynamic Wines


This week THTV and m ss ng p eces get all sophisticated with some upmarket wine tasting. This ain't any old plonk you know, this is Biodynamic! It sounds like it will give you super powers, doesn't it? Well in a way it does. With no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides drinking biodynamic wine means you are not only keeping your body healthy, but the environment benefits too. As Jonathan Russo, of the Organic Wine Journal, says "It's a pure, simple luxury item. Why? Because you are not poisoning yourself." From Scott Pactor's Appellation Wine Store in New York City to Mike Benziger's family winery in California, THTV explores what makes organic wines good, how to run a successful wine store and the meaning of being biodynamic. Cheers everyone!

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