TreeHugger TV: Episode 5 - Farm to the Table Part 3


Hooray! Tuesday's here again which means it is time for the next episode of THTV, brought to you by m ss ng p eces. In the Farm to the Table series we've been at The Stone Barns Centre for Food and Agriculture. So far we've visited Jack Algiere and his organic veggies and Nena Johnson with her band of happy animals. This week THTV talks with Dan Barber, famed chef of the award winning Blue Hill Restaurant located at Stone Barns, to see where all the ingredients are put together. In this final episode of the three part series, Dan discusses the unique connection that is made between the farm, his kitchen and the guests of Blue Hill. "It is not just that we are sitting in the middle of the farm, there is a larger issue between sitting on a farm, eating fresh food and connecting with how we get that food, and that's what we're all about."

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