TreeHugger TV: Episode 3 - Farm To The Table

THTV 3a.jpg

We’re really getting on a THTV roll now with episode 3 - Farm to the table. This week TreeHugger and m ss ng p eces bring you the first in a three part series on the organic process of farm to table living, THTV interviews Jack Algiers. Jack is the Four Seasons Farmer at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Mt. Pleasant, NY. This episode centers on the importance of healthy soil and what it means to be a green farmer in the 21st century. As usual you can watch THTV through You Tube and Google Video, but for convenience sake, and so you never miss a THTV episode, you can subscribe to our weekly podcast through itunes or through this TreeHugger link. And last but not least don't forget, iTunes and Quicktime users, here are your links: iTunes MOV. Enjoy watching.

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