TreeHugger Picks: Green Restaurants


We TreeHuggers can't get enough local, organic food from our farmer's markets and CSAs, but sometimes, we have to take a break and go out for some food. It's good to know there are so many places to go that still embrace our taste for TreeHugger fare. Here are our picks for restaurants to hit up this weekend.

1) Dine carbon-neutral with Bordeaux Quay or Terrior; we don't care which was climate-friendly first.
2) For those who need good food fast, stop by O'Naturals in the northeast, Burgerville in the northwest or Chipotle in lots of other places.
3) Looking for straight-up organic? Seattle's Sterling Café or Washington, D.C.'s Restaurant Nora (the US's first certified organic eatery) are good bets.
4) If local food tickles your fancy, Canteen in London, Blue Hill in New York, Mixt Greens in San Francisco and Habana Outpost, also in New York, are worth a look.
5) Nothing near you? Check out the Green Restaurant Association or the Happy Cow's Vegetarian Guide for more places to eat green while eating out.