Treats Truck Hits New York City, Deprived Citizens Rejoice


It's like the Veggiemobile, only instead of delivering to people living far from fresh vegetables, the Treats Truck delivers mini Caramel Creme Sandwich cookies, chocolate chip brownies, oatmeal jammies and classic crispy squares to the benighted citizens of Manhattan and Brooklyn who don't have access to a first class patisserie, horror of horrors.

Kim Ima and her team have a fixed bakery in Red Hook and then travel about in their CNG (compressed natural gas) powered truck named Sugar. CNG "is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels available" although still a big source of CO2, it is a lot cleaner than gas or diesel.

It is an interesting concept. In a city like New York, most people can walk to a bakery. But if you are a baker and don't want to just serve a local market, you need expensive real estate, a number of stores and lots of capital. Does making it mobile use less fuel and fewer resources than being fixed? Is it better or worse for cities and the environment? ::The Treats Truck via ::trendcentral