Treadmills Suck. (Kilowatts)


So the holidays are over and it's back to the gym and on to the treadmill. But it isn't one of those that we have discussed at TreeHugger that generates power from its machinery, it is a standard electric powered gym machine. Catherine Porter of the Star did a little research and "It turns out that the average treadmill uses around 1500 watts -- the equivalent of 15 of those old-fashioned light bulbs we've all chucked this week. So, over 30 minutes, you use .75 kilowatt-hours (logic= 1.5 kw x 0.5 hours) -- the same amount you'd use to light up your Christmas tree for six hours." And in the States, pumps out about two pounds of CO2, not including what you are exhaling. So pick a machine without a plug. ::The Green Life