Print Instagram Photos on Edible Organic Chocolate

Maybe you are like me - you took a lot of photos this summer simply for the pure pleasure of documenting the art of doing less, or nothing at all, during the hot days.

I was obsessed with pictures of my kids and friends having fun in a salt-water pool.

But most of my experiments in photography will end up on the digital darkroom floor, sitting in my iPhoto archives until one day when my (laptop) memory starts to be seriously impacted by the weight of all these happy photo moments, and I start hitting 'delete'.

Surely that's how it should be - better than printing out all these mementos that mean nothing to anyone but me and my family. Still, perhaps there's a memory worth preserving, if only for a little while.

If so, Cocoagraph is one way to take your Instagram or digital photography efforts and turn them into something eat.

Cocoagraph (i.e. "chocolate photograph") is the brainchild of Rae Vitorelli, a graduate of New York's School of Visual Arts.

Printing on chocolate or candy is not novel. But Vitorelli is doing a couple of things differently to appeal to the smart phone-and-Instagram crowd. First off, all the chocolates she uses to print on come from a small family-owned chocolatier in Santa Barbara, California. And Cocoagraph is offering a GMO-free, organic (and ethically-traded) dark chocolate as one of its four chocolate options.

And instead of a traditional rectangular chocolate bar, Cocoagraph's format is square - well-suited for both Instagram and Hipstamatic photos.

The materials used to print on the chocolate may be the least savory part of these edible memories - Vitorelli says she doesn't disclose the exact nature of the printing, but that "the image and inks are all 100% FDA approved."

A 50-gram photographic chocolate bar costs $9.25; while a three-pack of 15 gram bars is $12.75 (both of these prices are for the organic dark chocolate option). Cocoagraph sends you a final proof before your chocolate is printed.

A new feature is the ability to add a $1 'topping' on the bottom of the bar - the first topping is strawberry bits. A new peppermint tea flavor is also coming soon, Vitorelli said.

So, instead of with trees and photo chemicals, preserve your best memories on ultimately biodegradable organic chocolate.

Print Instagram Photos on Edible Organic Chocolate
Digital photography has made us lose the wretched chemicals and excess paper of the Polaroid era. So if you want to save a summer memory, you can do it in organic chocolate.

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