Training Chickens to Eat Your Slugs (Video)


Image credit: Paul Wheaton

Since moving to North Carolina, I have escaped the ever-depressing war with slugs that every UK gardener is familiar with. While using old beer to trap slugs worked to a degree, my lazivore gardening ways meant that the trap rarely got refilled and the slugs had their way. I fantasized daily about keeping chickens for slug control, but sadly chickens don't tend to go for slugs. Or so I thought.

Here we see a neat trick for training your chickens to eat slugs. (Warning: This one is not for the vegans among us.)

Normally, my own chickens (I do own them now in NC) would exhibit such frenzy over a crust of bread or some left-over soy beans. But they are unlikely to do the same for the few slugs I do see in my garden.

But Paul Wheaton—who has brought us video on everything from moldy hay as lawn fertilizer to rocket mass heaters to irrigation-free raised beds—pays a visit to Chris Wolf of Inspiration Farm, and learns how a pair of scissors and a ruthless disregard for slug life can help "train" chickens to eat even the largest of slugs. And once they get a taste for this slimy scourge of the garden, the chickens will happily do your slug control for you.

Lazivorism at its best.

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