Toronto Local Food Fest, Brewers Plate, Moves To Wychwood Barns

wychwood barns exterior

Image credit Lloyd Alter

I used to think that the Brewers Plate was a crazy idea; why celebrate local food on April 6, when it hasn't started growing? But after a couple of years of going to this event, I have learned not to worry, that the region's best chefs and brewers are going to put on a delicious night.

This year, they have relocated to one of the most interesting and successful adaptive resuses of old buildings in the City, Artscape's Wychwood barns.

barns skating

Originally built to repair Toronto streetcars, the barns had been empty since the mid eighties. Artscape, "Canada's leading practitioner in multi-tenant space development for the arts and culture sector", redeveloped the barns into an event space, greenhouses, and housing and studios for artists.

barns interior photo

Saturday Farmers Market in the barns. Image credit Lloyd Alter

Architect Joe Lobko of Dutoit Allsopp Hillier designed it to have ground source heat pumps, storm water harvesting and reuse, a reflective white roof and low VOC finishes to improve indoor air quality. The place is hugely popular, between the farmers markets on Saturday morning and events in the evening, it is always hopping.

cowbell image

Mark Cutrara of Cowbell, Brewers Plate 2009

Actually, the Wychwood barns is the most appropriate venue in town for this event; it just makes sense to have it in a farmers market. More information at Brewers Plate. Proceeds this year support Not Far From The Tree, a charity that harvests and distributes fruit from urban trees.

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