Top Stories from Tonic: Reynolds Scholars, Kaczmerak Smile Train, Oliver: TED Star and more!

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If you know students who have their eyes on reinventing how we care for our world and the people in it, send 'em this link and start crossing your fingers. "NYU Advances Study in Social Entrepreneurship," discusses how undergrads and graduates can apply for the Catherine B. Reynolds Fellowship to fund their studies.

In "Jane Kaczmerak's Big Holiday Smile," Mark Dagastino give an exclusive account of the actress' journey to India and how it changed her life as much as the kids they helped heal.

One smokin' chef is making a major dent and getting his just desserts. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.) "Jamie Oliver Wins the 2010 TED Prize."

Though we're a couple of days past the peak, the shortest day of the year deserves an extended shout-out. "Stand Still for a Moment ... It's the Solstice!" - learn a bit about the cosmically cool "holiday" throughout history.

It was a very good year for the garden. "2009 Was a Bountiful Year for Botanical Discovery." Love it!

And finally, while both Tonic's Cali and New York offices beg to differ, the journal Science decided to rank "The Happiest States in America." Poppycock, we say! Though we're not liable to argue with the top slots, we s'pose ...

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