Top 5 Scrumptiously Festive Food + Drink Recipes Across The Blogosphere

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After last week's relatively serious Copenhagen roundup on TH Blog Love, we're going to lift ourselves out of the post Cop15 depression and get into the festive spirit with some scrumptious holiday recipes for you to enjoy with your celebrations! Over at Planet Green there are some mouth watering ideas for you, with Emerils' Green Videos, Sarah Novak's Baked Alaska and Kelly Rossiter's Green Cocktails. Now let's see what all those other great green bloggers are cooking up the holiday season...EcoBites: All Organic Festive Formal Dinner Menu (serves 8)
"Baked Potato Soup, Mixed green salad served with cranberry vinaigrette, Festive Fruit Bread, Chickenpeas, Stuffed Festive Cabbage, Dessert ...Choose from Festive Organic Chocolate Cookies / Cranberry Ginger Bars / Plum Pudding (serve with organic ice-cream / organic yogurt if desired). Organic fair-trade coffee / organic herb tea (serve with Festive sweets / Mincemeat pies / Christmas cake)."

Inhabitots: Build a Last Minute Gingerbread House Out of a Recycled Juice Carton! by Beth Shea
Don't let the holidays get away from you without building this easy and adorable gingerbread house with your kids! While making a gingerbread house from scratch can be difficult and time consuming, this super simple sweet abode was crafted by upcycling a juice carton into a candy dreamland!

Organic Authority: Vanilla Peppermint Pattitini by Barbara Feiner
"My final vanilla-themed entry is today's wonderfully wintry cocktail recipe. Add Vanilla Peppermint Pattitinis--a vodka-infused peppermint pattie on ice--to your Christmas or New Year's Eve bar menu. Trust me, your guests will swoon."

Raw Epicurean: A Note About Wine by Ingrid Weithers-Barati
"Herein lies the problem. All wine is not created equally. When you are meticulously trying to put the cleanest foods in your body, you should also do so when choosing a wine. Grapes are an agricultural product that can be laden with pesticides, and farmed in a manner that is damaging to the environment."

Savvy Vegetarian: Traditional Holiday Recipes
"The typical American holiday menu serves up about 4000 calories per person! No wonder all people can do is collapse for the rest of the weekend. While our vegetarian and vegan recipes aren't exactly low fat, they are heavy on grains and veggies, which are naturally low in calories."

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