Top 10 US cities for plant-based eating

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Check out the (surprising!) American cities with the most vegetarian and vegan dining options.

I am old enough to remember when there was maybe one place in a given city in which a person could get a vegan or vegetarian meal. And said vegan or vegetarian meal was often flirting so hard with health-food cliche that it was hard to celebrate it much as a culinary experience. But times have changed, and not a minute too soon. As more and more people are choosing plant-based foods over ones made with animals, the options are expanding and the results are delicious.

A new report from Apartment Guide has taken a look at the offerings across the United States and crunched the numbers to show just how far we have come. In the graphics below, you can see which cities have the most vegetarian businesses per resident – an interesting metric in which to gauge an area's embrace of plant-based diets.

Being in New York and having so many options, these results came as a bit of a surprise to me. But that is explained in the second ranking (bottom) which looks at total number of vegan/vegetarian establishments, regardless of population.

The top cities based on vegetarians businesses per resident, starting with number 10:

10. Richmond, Virginia

9. Portland, Oregon

8. Orlando, Florida

7. Salt Lake City, Utah

6. Savannah, Georgia

5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4. Ann Arbor, Michigan

3. Boulder, Colorado

2. Berkeley, California

1. Charleston, South Carolina

Now for the cities with the most vegan/vegetarian businesses regardless of population size; number of businesses included in parenthesis:

10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (177)
9. Austin, Texas (195)
8. Houston, Texas (203)
7. San Francisco, California (227)
6. Portland, Oregon (234)
5. Seattle, Washington (235)
4. San Diego, California (269)
3. Los Angeles, California (347)
2. Chicago, Illinois (428)
1. New York, New York (481)

The moral of the story is: There are more plant-based eating options than ever. Which is great news for long-time vegans, more recent ones, and anyone looking to reduce their meat intake and boost their plant-based eating. Your health, the planet – and the animals! – all thank you.

Top 10 US cities for plant-based eating
Check out the (surprising!) American cities with the most vegetarian and vegan dining options.

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