Today Was Fun Tea

We have read about Today Was Fun's Green Green Tea which is carbon neutral and organic, hence the double green moniker. But their original product was this good looking Teastack. It contains four organic teas that provide a spiritual and hot cuppa. There is Happiness Tea with hibiscus flower and rosemary, Sleepy Tea which is laced with lemon balm, lime flower and lavender, Inspiration and Friendship. These stylish and handy containers are re-fillable when the supplies run out and would look good in any kitchen. Mixing tea and philosophy is natural to the creators, so the names represent what they hope to share with the world. The packet's instructions tell the drinker to "put your work and worries in a drawer". Set up by an Australian woman living in England, she has won the Best New Organic Product award two years in a row. She believes that no one should work on Fridays. Sounds good and tastes good, just don't call them tomorrow. :: Today Was Fun

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