To-Go Ware Offers 20% Off to Celebrate New "RePEat" Bamboo Utentsils

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Stephanie Bernstein's favorite slogan is "reduce your forkprint." Her company, To-Go Ware, provides consumers the tools to reduce the amount of single-use plastics and other disposable foodware products that are so prevalent and toxic in today's society. To-Go Ware's offerings include stainless food containers, bamboo utensils and many other hand-crafted accessories for all of us that have such busy lives.

This week, To-Go Ware launched a new utensil set to add to their collection called RePEat. Enclosed in a holder made from recycled soda bottles, the RePEat is perfect for anyone on-the-go. Don't let its convenient compact design fool you -- it holds a fork, knife, and spoon making it an essential accessory for anything from the office, to school, to travel, to camping.To celebrate the launch of RePEat, from now until June 1, 2009 TreeHugger readers have the opportunity to receive 20% off any item from To-Go Ware's online store. Coupon code: treehugger20. To-Go Ware
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