Tip on TP: Both Bottom Friendly and Forest Friendly


Yesterday Matthew noted that "the toilet paper industry is a very harmful one. It's criminal that tonnes of paper are bleached every day, simply to provide white toilet paper." We should also point out that Canada's boreal forests are being chopped down to make it. In Canada, there are alternatives made from recycled paper. Greenpeace says that "If each household in Canada replaced 1 roll of toilet paper cut from ancient forests with 1 roll of recycled toilet paper, we could save 47,962 trees in a year. "

They have produced a shoppers guide showing which products are forest friendly and which are not. Unfortunately we have tried some (like Loblaw's PC Green) and found it useable as sandpaper, and couldn't get through a roll. However Cascades brand seems soft enough. ::Greenpeace.ca Greenpeace in the USA also provides a list of American TP that is acceptable.

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