Time to Garden!: Mother Earth News, April-May


Spring is officially here, and in much of the northern hemisphere, the weather's beginning to catch up with the calendar. For many Treehuggers, that means one thing: time to get started on the garden! The folks at Mother Earth News are also thinking about gardening in their latest issue, and readers can get the goods on growing blueberries and sweet potatoes, as well as instructions for using sticks and branches to build garden trellises and fences. In addition to these features, regular departments have advice on transplanting seedlings, and building up your garden's soil.

While gardening is a big part of the story in the April-May issue, it's certainly not the only story. Readers will also find helpful tips on lighting, including plans for a small solar lighting system. You'll also find tips on choosing farm-fresh eggs; if you want to take the next step, there are even details on raising your own chickens in almost any setting. And two more features provide information on two ends of the transportation spectrum: electric bikes and scooters, and pick-up trucks.

While online features for this issue are still in the works, the print edition is available at your favorite bookstore or newsstand. Or save yourself the trip, and subscribe for as little as $10. ::Mother Earth News

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