Those Burnt Out Smokin' Butts

We're all well aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, and most of us are pretty aware of the issues surrounding cigarette butts that aren't disposed of properly as well But if you've lived on this planet for even just half an hour of late, I'm betting you've noticed them laying just about anywhere people tend to congregate outside So what about starting a petition asking for legislation that requires cigarette makers to put a label on every package sold asking smokers to dispose of them responsibly? Well, high-school freshman Dave Steinmetz and his two college age sisters have started an online campaign they've titled "No Butts About It" intending to do just that. For them it all started about seven years ago on their family vacations on the beach in Florida where they signed up to adopt a section of beach and clean it themselves just four times a year . Ultimately they came to realize that cigarette butts made up a huge percentage of the garbage they collected, a fact confirmed when they researched the results of the International Coastal Cleanup. And according to ButtsOut, there are about 4.3 trillion cigarette butts discarded globally every year, with up to 30% of them ending up as litter. Let's face it, 30% of even a trillion cigarette butts is best defined as a whole lot of trash!

So is the proper conclusion that cigarette smokers in general just don't care about the environment? Well, actually not! In fact, what Dave and his sisters have figured out is that most smokers are environmentally aware enough to keep from littering other small papers like gum wrappers, but out of force of habit just keep on flicking those butts where they don't belong With each of those butts expected to last from 12 to 25 years in the wild, maybe these kids bright idea for a warning label can help make a difference?