This Exercise Machine is not as Ridiculous as the Others. It is Self Powered.


Precor EFX 546

In an ideal human condition, where cities and neighborhoods are planned out with the pedestrian in mind, the calories we use with our bodies wouldn't be wasted on vain or useless activities, such as exercise. Instead, we would use precious calories to power our bodies or bicycles to get to work, or school, or the grocery store, or other locations that are mostly accessed today by automobiles. Exercise would be a side effect, not something we have to do in order to offset inactivity.Even the most modern and efficient hybrid or electric vehicles are clunkers when compared to the human body. Sure, a small percentage of humans find ways to navigate through the hostile modern cityscape by choosing a car free lifestyle, but the average fit and healthy person supplements their inactive daily routine with exercise, often on a treadmill or elliptical machine that uses extra energy from the grid to power its motor and digital monitor in an air conditioned gym.

Hey, I admit. I've done it. In fact, I surrendered to treadmills elliptical machines this summer when the thermometer in Central Texas was stuck above 100 degrees. That is when I noticed that this particular machine I was on didn't have a power cord. I was confused. I thought that it must be wired to a circuit underneath the machine. Nope, it was self powered. The motor and electronic display are powered by an internal battery that stores power during human activity. Really? I felt a tiny bit of satisfaction replace the guilt. While my hard work wasn't getting me anywhere, at least it was powering that damn motor and the digital monitor. That's something isn't it?

There aren't many of them out there, and they are expensive, but I expect many more of these to hit the market soon, Perhaps future exercise machines will harness the caloric output of the human occupant and upload it to the grid. Maybe the occupant will get a paycheck from the gym rather than having to pay the gym. Maybe future energy companies will be powered by humans on exercise wheels. OK, maybe that's a bit unrealistic and creepy.

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