Thinking Green In Your Garden


We planted our veggie and flower gardens this past weekend and found some advice from an article in Women’s Health Magazine to be helpful. The article was about growing your own vegetables and the benefits from doing so, in addition to some tips about growing for newbies. What we found particularly interesting was the four non-toxic products they recommended: BurnOut II Weed Killer – Its vinegar, lemon juice and natural oils, such as clove, are wicked on weeds but gentle on nearby plants, FoxFarm Organic Garden Soil – This soil helps plants grow strong with nutrients like bat guano and crab meal, not chemicals, Neem Oil – This plant-based oil kills or repels garden-gutting insects but won’t bother beneficial honeybees and ladybugs, TerraCycle – Recycled bottles are filled with liquid fertilizer made from garbage and liquified worm poop. TerraCycle happens to be one of our faves and we were lucky enough to find it at our Home Depot this past weekend. They now make organic fertilizer for flowers, tomatoes, Orchids and African Violets. Happy gardening! Story and photos via ::Women’s Health Magazine

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