Things I Learned at Toronto's Vegetarian Food Fair

1) Raw Granola is Healthier than Regular Granola

Yikes! A granola post on TreeHugger! But seriously, I thought all granola was raw, but it's not. Raw Granola has enzymes that help in digestion, which are killed above 118 degrees F. One raw foodie site says "Enzymes "digest" or break down raw foods. More and more research suggests eating high-enzyme food helps digestion. Eating an enzyme-rich diet is thought to increase vitality and slow the aging process. According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., "Enzymes can even help repair our DNA and RNA."

Erin Kelly and Lindsay Gorrie have just opened a kitchen in Toronto to produce some crazy expensive but really delicious raw granola. It is certainly different, but at nine bucks for a bag that will last a week I think it will stay as a very special treat. ::In the Raw
2) They make Miso in America

Jerry Lewycky & Suzanne Cardinal travelled extensively around the USA and Japan to learn how to make miso. It is quite the process; they cook the soybeans and barley and let it sit for four years.

" Through the process of natural fermentation, soybeans undergo a total biochemical transformation in which virtually all of their complex protein, carbohydrate, and lipid (oil or fat) molecules are broken down into readily digestible amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids. Most important, the process of leisurely fermentation unfolds a panorama of delicious new flavours and aromas." ::Tradition Miso
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