These hydroponic kitchen gardens combine Nordic design & efficient growing technology

Tregren T12 kitchen garden
© Tregren

Tegren's T-series countertop grow units promise low maintenance and fast growth.

With spring in the air here in North America, our thoughts often turn to fresh produce and the desire to grow some of our own food, but if you don't have access to a yard or a community garden plot, it can be tough to accommodate those wants, and indoor growing and container gardening are pretty much the only solutions. But fortunately, the explosion in countertop growing systems is making indoor growing easier than ever before, and a new entry to the indoor gardening scene offers three different sizes, and several colors, of connected kitchen gardens.

Tegren, a Finnish company specializing in indoor gardening systems, has been making and selling hydroponic kitchen gardens since 2010, and has just launched a new model, the T-series, which promises fast growth, low maintenance, and ease of use, even for beginners. The T-series comes in three sizes, for three plants, six plants, or twelve plants, and incorporates what the company calls "Active Growing Technology" to deliver "the optimal combination of water and nutrients" for growth rates of up to three times as fast as in traditional gardening.

And because it's a brave new connected world, there's an app, of course, called Smart Gardener, that is said to adapt the lighting, the watering, and the nutrients to the current growing phase of the plants.

"Smart Gardener app offers you plant specific programs for the different plants you grow. You Control your T-series kitchen garden through the Smart Gardener and you can even create your own plant programs if you so wish. You don’t need any prior experience to succeed. Maintenance takes only minutes a month – Smart Gardener app tells when to add more water, change it and add nutrients." - Tregren

Instead of relying on a proprietary growing medium or seeding method, Tregren says the units can handle pre-grown plants (starts), seeds, or cuttings, and can accept an existing plant pot, or use rock wool, peat pots, company-supplied seed pods to grow vegetables or herbs from seed. Tegren doesn't specify the type of lights on the T-series, but looking at the images and video, they must be LEDs, which are efficient and have a low electricity draw, but the weakest point of this growing system appears to be the fact that the lighting arms aren't adjustable, which might be an issue with certain plants.

"We are very excited about the T-series as the initial feedback from consumers and retailers has been overwhelming. The comment made by the purchase director of one of the largest European retail chain summarizes it all, "Tregren’s T-series will do the same for urban gardening that iPhone did to mobile phones." This didn’t surprise us as Tregren is known for its user-friendly and versatile products that have made us the market leader in many European countries. We believe that the superior functionality of the T-series combined with the best benefit/ price ratio will start a new era and bring indoor gardening for the masses." - Jyri Timonen, CEO of Tregren

To launch the T-series, Tregren has turned to Kickstarter to crowdfund the production costs of the new units, and backers at the $56 level will receive the T3 unit sometime in October of 2017, backers at the $81 level will receive a T6 unit, and those pledging $106 will receive a T12 unit (all dollar prices are approximate, as rewards are actually priced in Swedish Krona). Learn more about the company at

These hydroponic kitchen gardens combine Nordic design & efficient growing technology
Tegren's T-series countertop grow units promise low maintenance and fast growth.

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