The Vegan Zombie Cooks French Toast (Video)

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Just in case the Vegan Black Metal Chef's culinary exploits were not weird enough for you (see also his episodes on vegan redneck comfort food, and vegan asparagus tempura sushi), it seems that the genre of vegan extreme cooking shows has room for more than one proponent. Here we get to go cooking with The Vegan Zombie, and we learn how to make egg- and dairy-free French toast in the process.

Warning: Viewer discretion advised. Who knew vegans could be so violent?

When I posted before on what a vegan world might actually look like, I'm not sure I ever envisioned hoards of evil dead hunting down the last few ethical eaters left on the planet. But that, it seems, is the vision of The Vegan Zombie, a whole series of entertaining, if ultra-gory, cooking shows covering everything from vegan mac n' cheese to pizza rolls.

Whether you are a hardcore vegan who believes meat is murder, a curious omnivore who wants to reduce their impact on the planet, or you just like really bad horror movies, this show is for you! It's certainly good to see online DIY culture reinventing the tired-old cooking show for the 21st Century. Vegan or not, cooking may be the most important eco-art of all. And that's especially true when it comes to French toast.

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