The Vegan Zombie Cooks Fettuccine Alfredo (Video)

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Image credit: The Vegan Zombie

Like the meat-loving chef that eats little or not meat most days, I am no vegan—but some of my favorite meals are either vegan or very heavily vegetable-centric. And with the Vegan Black Metal Chef preaching his dark, yet ethical, gospel, I am increasingly interested in cooking some purely vegan foods, and I find that even among my meat-eating friends, I am not alone. The Vegan Zombie also piqued my interest with its fresh mix of vegan French toast and ultra-violent gore, and now another episode is out. This time, it's fettuccine alfredo on the menu, and there's more cooking and less zombies too. (Although I kind of miss them.)

I must confess that the title of this episide didn't exactly excite me. While I've confessed to a serious taste for fake meat, I tend to prefer most of my veggie food to be vegetable focused, rather than imitating something that it is not. Yet the idea of a heavily-herbed sauce flavored with capers, garlic and almond milk, served over sauteed mushrooms, tofu and veggies sounds, quite frankly, delicious.

It doesn't sound a lot like the fettuccine alfredo I know and love, but I am not going to argue. These dudes carry big guns and sport mean-looking tattoos. I plan on trying this in the near future, and I'll report back on the results.

Let's hope our zombie hunters haven't been eaten in the meantime. It looks like things are getting pretty bad out there.

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