The Ultimate in Seasonal Dining


We love the idea of seasonal cooking with local food, and know that in New York restaurants come and go quickly. Here is an idea to deal with our short attention spans: a restaurant that closes and reopens, every season. According to Springwise, "Park Avenue Summer, as it's currently named, is part of the Smith & Wollensky restaurant group and is supremely in tune with the seasons. While most restaurants adapt their menus to accommodate the available foods and prevailing moods of the time of year, Park Avenue takes seasonality to a new heights and will also completely revamp its d├ęcor, staff uniforms and place settings. Currently, waitresses wear sundresses, wall panels are yellow, and guests are served Lemon Sole and Peach Sorbet."

The designers at AvroKO are "taking their cues from theatre stage sets" so we hope that, like theatre designers, they will reuse components and minimize waste, a renovation every three months is a bit much. ::Springwise