The Two Sides of the Food Crisis: Want & Waste (Infographic)

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Whenever we talk about the Global food crisis, a lot of time is spent on how we can possibly grow enough food to feed a growing population. But there is another side too—how can we get the food we do grow to mouths that will actually eat it? The shocking truth is that while many go hungry from not having enough food, wealthy nations waste almost half of theirs.

Here's an infographic that explores this scandal in more detail.Created by a Public Health Degree, this is about as good a graphical exploration of the ironic nature of our food crisis as I can imagine. From the impact of food waste on climate change to the connections between waste food and water use, there are plenty of purely environmental and pragmatic reasons why we must tackle the problem anyway. But ultimately this is about morality.

Can we really consider ourselves "developed" if we go to great lengths, and destroy vast habitats, to grow food that nobody will ever eat—all the while standing by as millions die of hunger?

It's pretty screwed up.

The Food Crisis

Created by: Public Health Degree
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