The TH Week :: Super-Sunday = Food Food Food!


This week, while there were all kinds of interesting developments in everything from greener car culture to greener governments (hopefully), there was one underlying theme that drew my attention. This week had some great tips on food and cooking that might aid some of you in your culinary exploits this coming Sunday of Sundays. Yes, the Superbowl is here, and with it, the need to chow down in a big way. And the Treehugger team was there for you:

:: Kelly dug this delicious recipe for Braised Lentils out of her Rolodex.

:: Leonora pleaded with us to reduce our packaging purchases when picking up this fish sticks.

:: Jacob filled our fridge with Samuel Smith's Organic Lager.
:: Kyeann brought those non-drinkers among us Biota's biodegradable water bottles.
:: Petz urged us to compost all those leftovers when we're done on