The Strangest Sustainability Analogy Ever? Stop Watching Spongebob (Video)

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Image credit: CosmicRevolutionKS

When I interviewed my friend Tim Toben of Greenbridge and Pickards Mountain Ecoinstitute, he suggested it was important that we all "tell the story about the transformation from a world powered by fossil fuels to a world powered by renewable energy -- in poetry, music, art, dance." That's easier said than done. But one young man has been doing just that—and the result is rather strange, but oddly compelling.

Apparently we are all on a plane watching Spongebob Squarepants. This guy is clearly a member of, and an advocate for, the Transition Movement—the community-focused response to peak oil and climate change that has been sweeping the world. We are, he tells us, all locked into a plane that is heading for the ocean. Unfortunately, everybody—including the pilots—is too busy watching endless repeats of Spongebob Squarepants to notice.

Luckily, says our intrepid poet, a growing group of passengers has figured out that they can head to the back of the plane, and their weight will counterbalance the descent and ensure a smooth(er) landing. Apparently the food is much better back there too. And they have gardens. It all sounds very sensible to me. But someone might want to go talk to the pilots too...

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