The Storvino 100% Recycled Wine Storage System

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When it comes to choosing a low-impact vino, there are certainly some tough questions. Which wine has a lower carbon footprint, Californian or French? Should I look for a cork or a cap? Box, bottle, or pouch? Glass or plastic? Assuming you end up with wine in bottles, you'll be looking for a place to store them. These clever crates from Storvino are specially made to accommodate wine, and they are modular, and so can be stacked mighty high as your collection grows. Plus, they're made in the US from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.
storvino crates stacked photo

Storvino crates come with a ten year warranty and cost under $20. They look simple enough, but have some quite thoughtful design features embedded. For instance, a clever dip in the top of each crate makes a spot to cradle larger bottles. Storvino containers are made from recycled HDPE, and were once "grocery carts, solid waste containers, milk crates, produce bins, and beverage trays."

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