The Sierra Club's "P's and Q's of BBQ"


For many of us, nothing says summer like a dinner from the grill. The taste of marinated flank steak, barbecued chicken and fresh veggies is so yummy when it comes off the Weber, not to mention the cleanup is a quick one so we can enjoy the warm nights. But have you thought about the impact on our environment that may come from grilling? Last year, Lloyd gave you some tips on how to grill greener and we're bringing you even more with the "P's and Q's of BBQ" from the Sierra Club. While your backyard barbie alone isn't going ruin the environment, the Sierra Club notes that 60 million of us fire up the grill over holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. They also say that "Three out of four U.S. households own at least one barbecue grill. Among grill owners, 48 percent fire up with charcoal, 61 percent with propane, and 7 percent with electricity." We understand the love for a charcoal grill so if that's the way you choose to go, check out companies like Wicked Good Charcoal that produce charcoal that is 100% natural. ::"P's and Q's of BBQ" from the Sierra Club Also see: "Get Your Grill On" from the Sierra Club

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