The Organic Center's "Mission Organic 2010"

As we flip through magazines and read through the news, very rarely do we catch headlines or articles about our little state of Rhode Island. So imagine the surprise when we found out that The Organic Center is located in our little state. Discouraged by the fact that organic food is still only 2% of the total food sales in the United States, the organization launched Mission Organic 2010, a campaign to get the message out about health and ecological benefits of organic food. The purpose is to convince consumers that if they increase their organic consumption just 10% by the year 2010 (that’s 1 out of 10 items in a grocery cart), pesticides will disappear from 98 million daily servings of drinking water and antibiotics and growth hormones from 20 million daily servings of milk. On their site, consumers can sign a pledge and get a start kit, make a donation and learn about developments in the food industry. Via ::body+soul ::Mission Organic 2010