The Natural Confectionery Company

The post a week ago on Halloween treats and then munching snacks on a recent bushwalk reminded me of The Natural Confectionery Company. A 60 year old business, they introduced a limited line of jelly confectionery, back in 1991, that was free from artificial flavours and colours, a bit of a rarity back then. A handful of years later, the brand underwent a name change and the whole thing just exploded. Now they are the "most popular jelly product on Australian supermarket shelves". We imagine the sweets success mirrors the growth in organic and farmers markets, in that shoppers have become more interested in the origins of their food. Admittedly an organic apple, grown locally from heirloom seeds is greener and healthier, but every now and then a little splurge is OK. And if you are going to eat junk, then at least it's good to know that the taste ('Sour' ones are best) and colour is naturally sourced. A shame they don't use organic sugar. (And alas for vegans, the gelatine comes from beef). ::The Natural Confectionery Company