The Largest Health Food Store In The Mideast


Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye -- everyone in the Middle East. Saddle your camels – Israel is announcing that it is to open the largest health food store in the region and among one of the largest in the world, reports Israel Today. Israelis are definitely slow in adopting the recycling/green lifestyle, but when they do get around to it – they do it with gusto. Eden Teva Market, a $6 million project invested by businessman Guy Provisor is expected to open this June in Netanya. On its shelves will be stocked more than 14,000 products in 20 different departments, which will include a bakery, a deli, an organic hummus stand, and an ice cream parlor – to name a few. Organic will be a focus but also specialized products manufactured by small companies will be kept in stock. Israel Today writes that the organic and health products market in Israel totals nearly $600 million.

The future mammoth -- Eden Teva Market -- plans to take about 15 percent. Like the advent of big box stores and Walmart, Office Depot and Chapters bookstores in the US, we are still a little concerned about how the smaller health food stores will play out as organics and health products become more popular in Israel.

On one hand, many products can be collected under one roof, but stores such as Eden Teva Market will likely shut out the smaller shops and of course force consumers to drive their cars even for little things like milk. What’s your take? ::Israel Today