The Keeper goes mainstream


The modern media being what it is, we are bombarded daily by commercials for products that claim to revolutionize our life in one way or another, most of which seem unlikely to live up to their promise. I could be forgiven then for my cynical reaction last night as yet another slick commercial for a "revolutionary" feminine hygiene product interrupted the evening's viewing. It was a typical montage of the usual images of healthy, successful, popular looking women in the gym, in the office, going out to lunch and generally being perfect. It was only half-way through the commercial that I realized that the product in question was not Tampax, or Always, or any of the usual brands, but a reusable menstrual cup known as The Keeper. As a man, I am not in the best position to evaluate the claims made for The Keeper, though I do know of many satisfied users. What was interesting was that reusable cups have traditionally been the type of product advertised in the classified section at the back of green lifestyle magazines, or discussed on Treehugger, not advertised on national TV for prime-time viewers. Could these ads be yet another example of environmentalism entering the mainstream? Unfortunately I could find no information about this campaign on the company's website - does anyone know if these ads are appearing elsewhere other than in the UK? [Written by: Sami Grover]

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