The Ice-and-Dice Trawler: The Future of Fishing? (Video)

Greenpeace marine reserves photo

Image credit: Greenpeace UK

Greenpeace has long been pushing the idea that our oceans are over-fished, advocating instead for sustainable line fishing of tuna, and other low impact practices. Now they are warning of a dystopian future where giant trawlers freeze whole chunks of ocean to harvest every last creature, a world where jelllyfish and chips is the new dish of Britain. Activist alarmism, or a chilling warning? You decide. Created by cartoonist Stephen Appelby and his long time writing partner Pete Bishop, the video is a somewhat surreal reflection on what the future of fishing might hold. It's part of a wider campaign that includes Greenpeace's Red List of commonly sold endangered fish, and a call to politicians to create a global network of marine reserves.

Check out the video below, forward it to everyone you know, and then do what you can to make sure it remains a satire, not a vision of the future.

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