The Homemade Homemaker

Perhaps the old ways were the better ways. Some of those remedies that your grandmother told you about really did work, and were purer, more environmental and cheaper than the complicated, hyped products that we are bombarded with today. Plus there was very little packaging and fewer chemicals. And let's not even think about the disposal of all these "necessities". We all know about using vinegar to clean windows (still haven't tried it) and honey and lemon for a cold. But there are so many more clean and easy "old-time" remedies and the Guardian, in a new weekly column, is going to showcase one every week.

They are starting off with a recipe for bubble bath--of all things! Is this a reflection of the British psyche--discuss in one thousand words or less. You can choose between making Love Potion, Pure Sunshine (wishful thinking), Cold Season (more like it) and Sweet Dreams. They are created from distilled water, essential oils, castile soap and liquid glycerin. With ingredients such as patchouli, lavender and eucalyptus, they sound good enough to make. :: Guardian

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