The Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

There are two things we usually look for in a yoga mat: traction and cushion. We also happen to be looking for one that doesn't contain PVC and is natural as well. Jade Yoga taps into the non-slip properties of open-cell, natural rubber (a renewable resource from a rubber tree) with its Harmony mat. This means you can actually relax as you move from pose to pose because it has great traction and stays in place. Unlike the Eco Mat, it contains a "compression set" - an internal mesh that provides stability and cushioning making downward dog a little more comfortable. These high-performance mats from Harmony are machine washable that can be hung or laid flat to dry. They are also biodegradable. But take note: don't practice yoga or let them dry outside after washing. The mat's natural ingredients make it sensitive to direct sunlight. ::Jade Yoga