The Great Debate Over Meat

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Everyone loves a good debate: Especially when two legitimate, well-reasoned, sides are presented. In a new series, Good revisits some classic debates by presenting an essay arguing each side of the issue.Their first installment is about meat: Should we eat it? Do we need to eat it? They explain:

At least since the publication of Frances Moore Lappé's Diet for a Small Planet, environmentalists have worried about the consequences of meat eating. Raising livestock is resource-intensive, often polluting, and, as we are beginning to learn, a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. It's also one of the ways we've fed ourselves for millennia. So can a meat-inclusive diet be reconciled with ecosystem protection? Rancher-attorney Nicolette Hahn Niman says yes. Lindsay Rajt, a campaigner for PETA, isn't so sure.

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