The Future of Farming


Chris Ramirez for The New York Times

They sure don't look like Murray McLaughlin's farmers- "Straw hats and old dirty hankies; Moppin' a face like a shoe- those are the faces of the new farmers. This is a wonderful trend for so many reasons; young people have been leaving the farms for years, small towns have been devastated and farms grown over; now it is comeback time. According to the New York Times:

"Steeped in years of talk around college campuses and in stylish urban enclaves about the evils of factory farms (see the E. coli spinach outbreaks), the perils of relying on petroleum to deliver food over long distances (see global warming) and the beauty of greenmarkets (see the four-times-weekly locavore cornucopia in Union Square), some young urbanites are starting to put their muscles where their pro-environment, antiglobalization mouths are. They are creating small-scale farms near urban areas hungry for quality produce and willing to pay a premium." ::New York Times

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