The Food Project

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Bringing people of all ages together to build a sustainable food system, the Food Project helps produce healthy food for residents of the Boston area and suburbs by engaging young people in personal and social change through sustainable agriculture. Giving young people tremendous leadership responsibilities, the Food Project works with more than a hundred teens and thousands of volunteers on a farm on 31 acres in Lincoln, Mass. and on several lots in urban Boston, the group grows nearly a quarter-million pounds of food each season, without chemical pesticides, and donates half to local shelters. The remainder is sold via Community Supported Agriculture crop shares and farmers’ markets. The org even partners with urban gardeners to help them remediate their lead-contaminated soil and grow healthier food. Hopefully, programs like these will begin to pop up all over the place. Think you might be interested in learning more? Nearly half of the Food Project’s work is as a resource center for organizations and individuals worldwide. So feel free to give them a call, then get things started in your own community. Thanks for the tip, Peter Yao! ::The Food Project [by MO]