The Fish List & Blue Ocean Institute

Mary Turnipseed at the Blue Ocean Institute is now one of my favorite people. She got in touch with us here at TH to give us the skinny on sustainable seafood. This was in response to my earlier article on "Seafood Choices Alliance-Sustainable Seafood Database". I now feel deeply immersed in the sea-weed movement (as opposed to grass roots) of inspiring a sea ethic. Mary pointed out that the Audubon wallet card might not be the way to go for cutting edge information on sustainable seafood in your pocket. While the Audubon Society is the granddaddy of the sustainable seafood push, they no longer have a research arm dedicated to the subject. A more up-to-date, hip choice for pocket knowledge is Seafood Choices Alliance's wallet card 'The Fish List'.The list was spawned (I know I can't stop) last year from a collaboration among Monterey Bay Aquarium, Blue Ocean Institute, and Environmental Defense brought to the table by Seafood Choices Alliance. These groups used a large number of criteria to compile the list. From analyzing the life history of wild-caught fish, to investigating the pollution and ecological side effects caused by fish farms; together they are keeping a close eye on everyone's best interests. I'm a big fan of 'The Fish List'. Details and salient features of each fish and shellfish species, including health information, can be found on the website.

All that being said, it is just the tip of the iceberg of what is available on-line. Unfortunately, due to the recent redesign of the Blue Ocean website, the links on The Fish List to Blue Ocean are currently inactive. But do not despair! Mary told us she updates the Seafood WebGuide on Blue Ocean's website often. So if you get a hankering for some good eats, check out the Blue Ocean Institute to get the latest information on our fishy friends. They also have a hard copy MiniGuide with more information which they'll happily snail mail you for free! (mine is already on it's way)

The Blue Ocean Institute also supports a wide array of programs, including sea turtle conservation efforts in Baja California and seabird bycatch studies in Hawaii. I'm still perusing my way through their available literature. Their new website design is very visually appealing, and provides rich content on the sustainable seafood community, as well as the many ways people can learn about and care for the oceans. But, their mission statement does a good job of summing up what they are all about:

"The Blue Ocean Institute works to inspire a closer relationship with the sea through science, art, and literature. We develop conservation solutions that are compassionate to people as well as to ocean wildlife, and we share reliable information that enlightens personal choices, instills hope, and helps restore living abundance in the ocean."

:: BOI :: The Fish List :: Seafood WebGuide [by T. McGee]