The Farmery: Vertical Farming Integrated with Retail

the farmery vertical farm image

Image credit: The Farmery

Adam Stein over at TerraPass may have argued that vertical farming is pie in the sky, but there's no shortage of dreamers who beg to disagree. From Organitech's high-density vegetable production to Sky Vegetable's rooftop farms above grocery stores , plenty of people seem to think they can grow valuable produce in downtown environments, and even make money doing it. Now a new concept can be added to that list. The Farmery aims to be a four storey urban vertical farming and retailing system constructed from shipping containers. Crops will include high value produce like specialty mushrooms,greens, herbs, and strawberries, which will be sold in the retail space downstairs, alongside other produce from local farmers. Hydroponic crops will be grown on the outside of the shipping containers in full view of the street, while the inside will be used for growing mushrooms - which in turn generate CO2 to feed the plants.

It's all pretty neat sounding. So far there's no word on where it'll be located or when it will be built - this is still very much at the concept stage. But creator Benjamin Greene tells us he can provide the pro forma financial statements, expected production numbers and a business plan - and he is actively looking for investors. I'd love to see him make it work!

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