The Eat Local Challenge: Coming in October


Save the date and mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 3. The Eat Local Challenge is back (we covered the first one here) and ready to bring a meal sourced entirely from within 150 miles to your plate. 400 Bon Appétit restaurants and cafés in 29 states across the country will serve a lunch that brings small farmers, professional chefs and local eaters together to enjoy the fruits of a local foodshed and the unique challenges of sourcing sea salt in the Midwest and corn syrup on the coasts. The challenge serves not only to educate chefs and diners alike about local, seasonal foods, but to also leverage change in the supply chain and industry as a whole, as restaurants negotiate with local bakeries to supply specially-made, all local rustic white and wheat bread for sandwiches and chefs learn how to harvest shrimp from Ohio. Throughout the fun and unique Challenge, Bon Appétit hopes to illustrate the consequences of food choices for the local economy and inspire support for small-scale, local farmers. As more and more people discover local foods on a small scale (like farmers’ markets), Bon Appétit proves that eating local is also possible on a much larger scale: at corporations, universities, museums, theatres, and other specialty venues. Want to participate, and have a local lunch? Check out the list of participating chefs and farmers, and look forward to learning more about how food is meant to taste. ::Bon Appétit Management Company via ::CSRwire