The clean, yet dirty, martini

Whenever we've got Happy Hour on the mind, we like to revisit a tip that we received earlier about an organic martini that originated from the New York Times. A dirty one, to be specific. Yes, dirty martinis happen to be a favorite, on the rocks preferably, and this one sounds deelish right about now.

We really like writer's Jonathan Miles sense of humor in this article as he writes about Counter, a popular New York City bar that serves all-organic cocktails:

An organic cocktail needn't come with a sidecar of wheatgrass. After the second drink it's easy to forget you're saving the world. It's pleasant, nonetheless to be reminded, which is maybe why I took such a shine to Counter's Dirtiest Martini, made with basil-infused vodka and greased with just enough olive juice to warm your tongue rather than singe it. A basil leaf, floating faceup in the glass, seemed to wink at me, providing a constant but gentle reminder of my martini's clean dirtiness – or dirty cleanliness, take your pick.

Recipe for The Dirtiest Martini, courtesy of Counter and the New York Times:

  • 4 ounces basil-infused organic vodka (see note)
  • 1 1/4 ounces olive juice
  • Splash of vermouth
  • 3 pitted Spanish green queen olives, skewered
  • 1 organic basil leaf

Shake the liquid ingredients with ice in a strainer. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with the olive skewer and basil leaf.

Note: To infuse the vodka, place 10 basil leaves in a 750-ml bottle of organic vodka for two hours. Be careful not to overinfuse. You want a mild flavor and fragrance, not basil cologne.

The clean, yet dirty, martini
Dichotomy in a cocktail glass.

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