The Awesome Urban Farmers & Brass Bands of New Orleans (Video)

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Image credit: The Perennial Plate

Yesterday I posted a video from The Perennial Plate about an award-winning humane dairy that lets its cows retire (as opposed to grinding them up for hamburger). While some folks questioned the sustainability of keeping "unproductive" cows alive, it was still a useful reminder that there are different ways of approaching food production than the relentless drive for efficiency and scale. And it's one reminder among many. As the Perennial Plate road trip continues, they visit the urban gardeners of New Orleans. And they like what they see.

The Perennial Plate Episode 57: Lord, Lord, Lord from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Given all the initiatives to rebuild a green New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, it's no surprise that Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine had a hard time focusing on just one urban gardener growing food on abandoned lots. Instead, they focused on the many. And of course they got to check out some cool brass band music in the process:

It was hard to imagine focusing on just one urban gardener in New Orleans... so we didn't. This video tells the story of several different New Orleans residents who came back to the city after the storm to rebuild and start making food in the city's abandoned lots. And you can't tell a New Orleans story without music, thankfully one of our farmers happened to play in the Treme Brass Band!

As urban gardener Pam Broom says, with New Orleans boasting as many as 66,000 vacant and blighted lots, there is a real opportunity here to grow something beautiful.

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