The Argument against GMO

It's easy to simply say that GM foods are scary and dangerous, or that their impact is threateningly unknown, but when confronted with the "Golden Rice will feed starving children in Africa" argument, you've got to have a handbag of facts to hurl back. That, or one solid videotape.

Deborah Koons Garcia, Jerry Garcia's last wife, has done good with what she calls her "Jerry money", and produced......The Future of Food,a spot-on, sharp, and (thank you, Lord) completely watchable, documentary that knocks down every argument any  Monsanto-loving, GM-hyping, Bush-supporting, $!#@! could come up with.

You must watch it. You must memorize it. Then pass it on to a friend and tell them to do the same.   Or, for a donation of $25, the Organic Consumers Association will send you a free copy (on video or DVD) and an action guide on how to hold a no-GMO film-watching house party. Alright, that's the same price as buying it direct from Garcia, and you probably won't hold the party or sign your friends up for serious action, but it's nice to give a nod to our compatriots out there doing the serious activist work. The rest of us can just stick to battling one bastard at a time. $20 plus $5 shipping [by Tamara Holt]