The (Almost) 100-Mile Diet Dinner in Newport, RI

Last night, TreeHugger and Slate Green Challenge organizer Meaghan O’Neill hosted our Wednesday Night Dinner Club here in Newport, RI. Every other week our friends get together for dinner and it’s hosted at a different house. The hosts cook dinner for the rest of the group and last night Meg cooked an amazing local dinner. Because Rhode Island can be challenging when it comes to eating local, Meg and her husband Kurt decided to search for local products, but they decided the food could be from anywhere in New England as well. Guests were only allowed to walk through the door if they brought one thing: local booze. Meg roasted a fresh chicken from Bliss Market (supplied from a local farm) which was one of the best we’ve ever had, the pasta was from Prima Pasta, the bread was from Provencal Bakery and the asparagus was from Sweet Berry Farm. The cheese was from a farm in nearby Narragansett while the butter she used was from Maine. Appetizers included cheeses from Vermont as well as Newport. And the guests brought booze from Newport Vineyards, Magic Hat and Long Trail breweries. We can’t wait for the next dinner hosted at Meg’s and, in the meantime, we challenge you dear readers to host your own 100-Mile Diet Dinner!