Thames Water Tastes Best


Bottled water bashing has been an ongoing theme at Treehugger and for good reason: plastic bottles destroy the environment and why pay for what nature gives us. Lately there have been restaurants that have stopped serving it and it has been proven that tap water is just as safe, or safer than bottled. In London, studies have shown that 99.98% of samples of tap water meet industry standards so there seems little reason to drink anything else. Time Out magazine asked a jury to blind-taste six popular brands of bottled water, plus one from the tap. Their findings: they gave tap water from the Thames and River Lea the best score, 4 out of 5. One taster said "It's likeHighland river water. High acidity from a peaty soil. I really like it. The best."

They compared Volvic, Spa, Vittel, Pret a Manger, Fiji and Evian. The funny thing about their comments is that they guessed that each of the bottled waters was tap water (Pret a Manger: "tastes like tap water. The aftertaste is awful. Definitely the worst.") And they guessed all of the brands wrongly, thought Volvic was Evian, and Spa was Volvic. One tip: tap water tastes best chilled--the colder the water, the harder it is to tell its source. So save your money, go green and stick with nature's own. :: Time Out

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