Terroir — Manifesto For a Green Restaurant


One of the most gratifying parts of TreeHugger is the symbiotic relationship between us writers and you readers. We writers try our best to be accurate and informed, but when we trip up and fall flat on our faces you readers are always there to pick us up and keep us on our toes. Obviously we couldn’t do it without you guys! On this note I was happy to see Kalba Meadows’ comment on last week’s post about the Bordeaux Quay restaurant in Bristol, which is marketing itself as Britain’s first Carbon Neutral restaurant, (please note addendum at the bottom of this post). Kalba was keen to inform us that in fact, by working in partnership with Climate Care, her own restaurant Terroir on the North Norfolk coast has been Carbon Neutral for three years. While this does not belittle Bordeaux Quay’s efforts, it is great to know that Kalba and her partner John Curtis were well ahead of the pack and have been working hard for years to reduce their restaurant and guest house’s impact on the environment. Looking at their website it is clear that these people are passionate about caring for their corner of the world and the people in it. They are advocates of local, organic and supporting small specialist producers. Their website is a mine of information about the Terroir vegetable garden, the particularly beautiful coast line where they are situated and climate change. They even have their own manifesto for running a green restaurant. We particularly like the fact that Terroir asks its customers to join in their Carbon Neutral scheme by offsetting the impact of their journeys to the restaurant. ‘The scheme has achieved over 99% diner participation and last year offset some 120 tonnes of CO2 emissions related to customer car travel.’ As if all this wasn’t enough Kalba has also started a campaign to ban the plastic bag in the UK. ::Terroir

N.B. We have been contacted by Bordeaux Quay who would like to point out that they themselves are not marketing their project as Britain's First Carbon Neutral restaurant, but that it was The Independent who erroneously made that claim. Bordeaux Quay say they knew about Terroir and admire the work Kalba Meadows and John Curtis have done there.