Tell NYC's Mayor Bloomberg You Want a Vegetable Garden at City Hall!

NYC city hall vegetable garden rendering image

Amy Seek of Flatbush Farmshare's conception of what a vegetable garden outside City Hall might look like. Image via People's Garden NYC.

If the White House has one, and the city halls of Baltimore, Portland, and San Francisco have (or had...) them, why not New York City? I'm talking about planting vegetable gardens right out front. That's what the people behind People's Garden NYC are pushing for, creating a petition urging Mayor Bloomberg to create one. To be tended by NYC public school students alongside members of the Parks Department, it would serve as a representation of "New Yorkers' commitment to education, public service and environmental stewardship."

Considering the Mayor's genuine commitment to greening the City through PLANYC (lackluster support for creating permanent community gardens a seemingly incomprehensible blind spot in that...) this seems like a no-brainer.

Sure, there would be logistical concerns--that artists' rendering above conveniently omits the large black metal fence and security booth that now borders the immediate vicinity of City Hall--but all of these are insignificant compared to the message establishing a garden right out front would send.

Sign the petition here: People's Garden NYC
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