TED TALK: A Non-Reusable Syringe Could Save 1.3 Million Lives

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Image via TED

Around the globe, the reuse of dirty syringes kills 1.3 million people - more than malaria. Lack of time, money, access to new syringes, and simple ignorance are all issues behind reusing syringes in medical situations in places such as India. With 50 billion injections given each year, and half of those with dirty syringes, the spread of diseases like HIV and Hepatitis through reused syringes is significant. Marc Koska, however, feels there's another solution - a syringe that cannot be reused. He gives a great presentation on how the syringe can benefit millions of people worldwide. However, there seems to be

The one thing that really stands out, however, is that now there is a non-reusable plastic object in places that usually don't have recycling systems set up. How will the plastic be recollected, recycled, and reused even if not as a syringe. Yes, it is important to have a solution to the problem of reusing syringes - but if 50 billion injections are given per year and a non-reusable syringe for many of them is in the future, the end-of-life question on this solution is a big one.

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